The Bergdahl Debacle

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Richard Fernandez from PJ Media has a good take on the Bergdahl debacle. Here are a couple of highlights:

“The real causality runs thus: Obama didn’t use the Taliban 5 to release Bergdahl. Obama used Bergdahl to release the Taliban 5. The false narratives about his poor health, his heroic record and the supposed consultation were all manufactured to fit this requirement. Obama really didn’t give a rat’s a** about Bergdahl. What he really wanted was to find some way to spring those five Taliban gentlemen.

Obama’s strategy to “bring a fitting end” — in the words of Todd, Murray and Dunn — to the War on Terror has been to pay them off. He never intended to beat the enemy. He never even tried. All the stuff in Afghanistan, well that was just for show, for optics, to look tough.”

You’ll find more here:

Burt Prelutsky Gets it Right

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Burt always writes great stuff but he couldn’t be more on point than with this paragraph:

‘What makes Obama so incredibly vile has less to do with his various policies or even his appointing the likes of Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, John Kerry, Kathleen Sebelius and Chuck Hagel, to positions of authority, but the zeal with which he has used hatred and envy to divide Americans. For nearly six years, he has done his utmost to ignite feuds between men and women, the rich and poor, whites and blacks, citizens and illegal aliens and even atheists and believers. Obama and his sock puppet sycophants claim to be pacifists at heart, but they only oppose war when it’s against America’s actual enemies in Russia, North Korea and the Islamic world.’

You can read more here:

Hit by Lightning

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From a Boston Herald story on 4/24/2014 titled “Golf course worker has ‘close call’ with lightning”.

“Once he realized what happened, the man got into a golf cart and drove to a maintenance shed where other workers­ had taken cover.

At the hospital, doctors ran heart tests “to make sure no electricity is running through me,” he said, adding that he expects to return to work today.”

I don’t think he quite understands how it works. Sure glad he’s not an electrician.