Celtics vs Pacers

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I grew up in the 70′s during the era of Larry Bird and Kevin McHale and used to love watching the Celtics games on TV. Somehow though, I never attended a game in person. That changed this last weekend when I went to my first ever Celtics game.

My sister and her family were in town for the weekend and her youngest son is majoring in Sports Management at the University of Florida. He’s a Celts fan and wanted to see them in person, so we ended up going to the Celtics / Pacers game. Not surprisingly the Pacers won, but the game was pretty close throughout and was still a lot of fun. The final score was 102-97.

We sat in the second to last row in the balcony and it was amazing how high up we were. My wife was uneasy going up the stairs and didn’t want to leave her seat till the end because she didn’t want to deal with going down the steep stairs. Unlike the old Boston Garden, where I attended many a concert and couldn’t see the stage, it appears that there is not really a bad seat in the TD Garden.

Boston Star Trek Convention

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I attended the Star Trek convention in Boston on June 8th. The last Star Trek convention I went to was around 35 years ago. Once every 35 years or so seems about right.

It was fun, but not great.

The first convention I attended was organized by fans and had a lot more depth to it. There were lots of vendors, artists and science fiction authors in attendance and the stars would mingle with the riff-raff on the floor throughout the convention. Souvenirs were reasonably priced and there were multiple rooms with various talks taking place at all times. There was always something to do and it was just a fun time throughout.

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