West End Girls – Part 2

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A different version of the video that I posted yesterday. This one is live from 2009. It’s scary to think how much time has passed from when the original came out. The lead singer still sounds great though. I was also really impressed by the choreography in this. It’s amazing that the dancers can do what they’re doing with boxes on their heads. Pretty cool!

West End Girls

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I love the 80’s especially the music. Lot’s of synthesizers and great harmonies.

Americans Vastly Overestimate Size of LGBT Population

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Bloomberg Politics had an article titled ‘Americans Vastly Overestimate Size of LGBT Population.’ The article states that Americans believe that about 23 percent of the population is gay when in fact the number is less than 4 percent. They go on to say that Gallup believes that the overstatement is because of the public’s unfamiliarity with numbers and demography.

I suspect the real answer is much simpler than this; it’s really social engineering on the part of the corrupt media and the Government.

If you watch TV or go to the movies, you would be hard pressed to find a show that doesn’t contain gay characters. Even if it is not explicitly stated, a lot of the characters exhibit behavior that most people would identify as gay. I believe this is mostly done as a mechanism to get people used to idea of gay behavior as mainstream.

Another example of where this revisionist reality takes place is the polls that keep reporting that the tide had turned and people now support gay marriage. If that’s true, why is it that in almost all of the states where the question has been voted on, the public has widely rejected it? The only reason gay marriage is now the law in a lot of states is because the courts are being used to force it on the population.

Looking at the bigger picture, I believe that the Country is a lot more conservative than what is being portrayed. If you look at recent elections, people have overwhelmingly rejected the direction to which the country is moving, yet the media would have you believe the majority of the population sides with the Left.

An example of this manipulation is portraying the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement as something good while demonizing the ‘Tea Party’ as a bunch of crazies.

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea.

The lesson to be learned here, is not to trust everything you see or hear and use your own common sense when evaluating the things you are told.