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You have to wonder how a movie like this gets made. It’s basically ninety minutes of a guy drumming while being belittled and abused by his psychopathic teacher. On paper, this must have looked horrible. That said, it somehow works. In fact, it works really well.

The movie was both entertaining and fascinating mostly due to the performances of J.K. Simmons and Miles Teller.

I really wanted to hate this movie because the script is over the top and really unbelievable, but I have to say it’s really worth seeing.

Attacking Religious Freedom

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The following is a comment I wrote on a website that reported that $850,000 was raised to support the Christian pizza parlor closed down by the Left.

As nice as it is to see this, it will do little to stop the attack on Christians. The problem our side has is that we’re just too civilized. When the system rules against us, we quietly accept defeat and move on. The Left, on the other hand, nevers give in. If they lose, they ratchet it up and think nothing against using intimidation and violence to get their way. They also have done a great job of infiltrating the Government at all levels. A good example of this is the gay marriage fight. Most people don’t have a problem with gays doing what they want privately, but consider gay marriage an attack on the culture and don’t think that gay marriage should be allowed. When the activist pushed for this in the states and the politicians caved, our side brought the question to the ballot. In just about every state where it was voted on, gay marriage lost big time. So what happened? The activists took it into the courts that they now control which ignored the Constitution and the will of the people. Our side again being civilized just sat back and accepted it. With that win out of the way, the Left now moves on to force everyone to accept the gay lifestyle regardless of their religious views. As they win and continue to gain power and feel emboldened things will get worse; when mobs are involved they always do.

I believe the model for winning can be found in the tactics of the NRA. They have fought Liberal incrementalism every step of the way, never giving an inch and never letting an attack go unchallenged. Because of this, most politicians have learned there is a strong price to be paid for supporting gun control so you rarely see them take on the cause.

A side effect of the strength and winning record of the NRA is that people, by nature, want to associate with winners. The NRA is perceived as a winner and is rewarded through donations and support. In most of our other fights, we a perceived as losers and few want to associate with a loser.

Just Consider it a Really Late Term Abortion

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In 2013 Anthony Stokes was denied a heart transplant by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta because the doctors said he had a history of behavioral issues and of disobeying doctor’s orders. This sounds cruel, but apparently Stokes had already received one heart transplant but did not take his medication, damaging the first heart.

Some of Anthony’s behavioral issues include:

    Auto theft
    weapons charges
    Terroristic threats
    Car theft
    Possession of stolen firearms

Of course the liberal activists, always looking to cause trouble, claimed he was denied a heart due to racism and were able to pressure the hospital into giving this piece of feral crap a second heart.

Anthony, apparently grateful for the second chance, rewarded the good deed by continuing to live his life as an animal and a thug.

His latest, and I’m happy to say, last escapade involved carjacking a Honda, breaking into the home of an elderly woman and attempting to shoot her, fleeing the site while being pursued by cops, smashing into a 33-year-old woman and finally, driving his car into a pole.

He later died at the hospital.

I’m sad that a good heart was wasted on him, but I take solace in the fact that at least the story has a happy ending.