So what’s up with the Zhongshan suit?

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Hillary Suit

Hillary seems to have a somewhat weird sense of fashion. Or maybe she’s just trying to emulate other megalomaniacs she admires such as Mao Zedong or Dr. Evil.

Perhaps Hillary wants to recreate Mao’s Cultural Revolution where the goal according to Wikipedia ‘was to preserve ‘true’ Communist ideology in the country by purging remnants of capitalist and traditional elements from Chinese society, and to re-impose Maoist thought as the dominant ideology within the Party.’

Sounds to me like something Hillary would be on-board for.

Or maybe her goal is more inline with that of Dr. Evil; world domination.

But if she were Dr. Evil, she’d need her own Mini-Me; a smaller version of herself that follows her around, protects her, and does her evil bidding.

Huma anyone?

The Game is Rigged

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So Sander’s wins 60% of the vote against Clinton’s 38% in the New Hampshire primary. That would award him 13 delegates while Hillary is awarded 9. Seems pretty fair to me.

But wait. Democrats, who always go out of their way to make sure that the game is rigged, have something called super delegates. Super delegates are Democrat Party insiders that are not bound by the will of the voters and are allowed to cast their votes for whomever they desire during the party convention. As you might expect, since they’re part of the establishment, they tend to vote for the establishment candidates, making sure that riff-raff upstarts (like Bernie Sanders) are kept out.

Turns out Hillary already has 6 super delegates pledged to her in New Hampshire so Bernie’s apparent 13 to 9 delegate win is in actuality a 13 to 15 delegate loss. It gets worse, as of right now, Hillary has 355 super delegates pledged to her against Bernie 14. Granted there are still a whole lot of super delegates that are undecided, but I’m betting when push comes to shove, they’ll vote the way the establishment tells them to.

Sorry Bernie. The game is rigged and short of a criminal indictment. The Democrat establishment is going to make damn sure that Hillary’s the nominee.

Gotta Make Obama Look Good

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Homeless man

(Photo by Eric Pouhier – own work by Eric Pouhier, CC BY-SA 2.5,

The NY Post is reporting that the instructions given to volunteers involved in the latest survey of the homeless population in NY city were instructed, “Only survey public spaces, not private establishments such as restaurants or ATM booths.” So essentially anyone that was smart enough to seek warmth in a private area was excluded from the survey.

I’m guessing it wasn’t done this way when George Bush was president.

Hillary Clinton years ago talked about the mythical ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ that she felt was targeting her family. She was wrong of course and she knew she was wrong, but unethical scoundrels will do or say anything to lay the blame elsewhere. On the other hand, there appears to be plenty of evidence for a vast left wing conspiracy that does anything possible to protect the loser currently occupying the White House from looking bad.

The economy is in shambles, yet little blame is placed on Obama. In fact the press goes out of it’s way to tell us how wonderful things are, never questioning the obviously phony figures published by the Government.

Same for the jobs numbers. We keep hearing how unemployment keep going down, but most of that is due to people falling off the employment rolls, when out of frustration, they finally give up looking for a job. That’s never reported.

Soldiers are still dying over in the Mid East, but the constant drum beat about it that went on when Bush was president instantly disappeared the day Obama was elected. Where’s Cindy Sheehan when you need her?

Then there’s Obamacare. It was supposed to cure the nations healthcare ills, but instead is an over priced disaster that has made healthcare more expensive and less comprehensive for just about everyone. Silence from the media.

Now they cook the books on how many homeless people are roaming the streets in New York City. I’m not surprised by this. They’ve got to protect the affirmative action president, after all they wouldn’t want people knowing what a disaster he truly is.