The Welfare State

Written by Al. Posted in Politics

I’m reposting a comment that I made on one of the news sites that I frequent. It was well received, so I thought it might be worth posting here.

For years I’ve worked and payed taxes. I have no problem helping poor people that are down on their luck, but it became apparent to me early on there were a whole class of American parasites that I was also supporting. Although this made me mad, there was little that I could do about it so I eventually just accepted it. Now that Obama has taken over, it has gone to the next level. Not only do I have to accept the America parasites, I have to also pay for third world imported parasites.

When I go to the super market its pretty much a given that the person in front of me in the check out line will be dragging along multiple kids, have little or no ability to speak English and will be paying for their groceries using an EBT card.

The other day I was at the emergency room in a local hospital, more then 50% of the patients there were foreigners who again, did not seem to be able to speak English and I’m guessing were not paying for their own healthcare. They wonder why the cost of healthcare is so high.

If the country were rich it might be a different story, but we’re trillions of dollars in debt, are own citizens are out of work and the standard of living for many of us is dropping. I’m told that I’m just and angry old white man, and maybe that is so, but I think I have a damn good reason for it.

Zika and the CDC

Written by Al. Posted in Politics


This morning someone from the CDC was on the radio talking about the Zika virus, how dangerous it is and how we must all work hard to protect ourselves from it. He said it’s primarily transmitted by mosquitoes and warned that we need to make sure there is no standing water on our properties where mosquitoes could breed. He also said it would be wise to cover yourselves with Deet when outdoors to protect against mosquito bites.

I agree with all of this, but I have to ask the question, where the hell was the CDC when Obama was encouraging, and enabling the inflow of illegal aliens from all the third world hell holes?

In the last few years we have seen the return of measles, polio, whooping cough, mumps and tuberculosis. Most of these diseases were wiped out in this country but carriers from around the world have reintroduced them to our shores. All of this is happening while we’re being warned that our overuse of antibiotics has made them less and less effective against treating common diseases.

Any one with an ounce of common sense knew this would happen, but the so called experts on diseases, the CDC, didn’t even bother to issue a warning. Disgraceful.

I guess political correctness and slavish obedience to Obama is much more important then doing the right thing. It would now appear that every segment of our government has been successfully corrupted.

I hope all of these diseases can be kept under control, but I suspect sooner or later we’re going to have a major outbreak of one of these thing and lots of people will probably die.

If you’re considering voting Democrat in the next election, I would ask you to take a look at your kids or grandchildren and remember that they have been put at risk because the Democrats consider getting votes more important then the safety of the nation. I hope you vote accordingly.