Conversations at the Grocery Store

Written by Al. Posted in Fun Stuff

I stopped off at the grocery store on my way home from work today and had this conversation with the high school aged girl manning the checkout.

Checkout Girl: “Hi”

Me: “How are you today?”

Checkout Girl: “I’m OK, but I really want to go home. I’ve been here since 11:00 this morning.”

Me: “Don’t you just hate those killer five hour work days.”

Checkout Girl: “Ya.”

I don’t think for one second that it ever entered her mind that I was being sarcastic.

Culture War 4.0 Response

Written by Al. Posted in Politics

There was an article linked to on Facebook (Welcome To Culture War 4.0) that discussed how the Left was now overreaching and that may result in a backlash.

Here was my response to the article:

I hope I’m wrong but I find the author is way too optimistic. Even if there is a backlash, look how much the Left currently controls: The Presidency, Congress (I know there are more Republicans than Democrats, but do they really side with us?), the Supreme Court, most of the Media, most Universities and Colleges, the bureaucracy (with major power concentrated in the government unions), most minorities and the stupid.

On the positive side, I still believe that the majority of Americans, lean more to the right then to the left and we also control a lot of power within the states. Unfortunately, a lot of our people are discouraged by recent events and may choose to opt out.

Most people on our side are hard working, law abiding citizens that don’t have the time or the temperament to do the things that will be needed to restore the Republic. The Left on the other hand are lawless, have lots of time and will stop at nothing to push their agenda. Add to this the push to overthrow what’s left of our culture by overwhelming it with massive amounts of illegal immigration and I’m not overly optimistic about the future.

Things may change in time, but I suspect it will only happen when it gets to the point where the middle class has nothing to lose. I’m not looking forward to that day because I think things will really be bad when we get there.

I don’t want to be too discouraging, but I also want people to understand what we’re really facing and how committed we will have to be to be victorious in the end.

We are also at a point where a strong charismatic leader could make a huge difference. The opposition is out there, but there is no focal point. This could change rapidly with the right person leading the charge. (That said, this too has its potential pitfalls as history as shown us.)

Time for a Name Change

Written by Al. Posted in Politics

I’ve felt for a while that the republic is lost. Now I propose that it’s time to change the name of the Country. The United States of America is a laughable name that no longer represents what we truly are. The Country is no longer united and the concept of state obviously means nothing.

The country that I was born into, “The United States of America” was something special, but what exists now is not. Let’s change the name instead of allowing it to be tarnished by what’s going on and what is to come.

I’m sure the Left would be thrilled with this too since they feel that what came before was evil.