Time for a Name Change

Written by Al. Posted in Politics

I’ve felt for a while that the republic is lost. Now I propose that it’s time to change the name of the Country. The United States of America is a laughable name that no longer represents what we truly are. The Country is no longer united and the concept of state obviously means nothing.

The country that I was born into, “The United States of America” was something special, but what exists now is not. Let’s change the name instead of allowing it to be tarnished by what’s going on and what is to come.

I’m sure the Left would be thrilled with this too since they feel that what came before was evil.

Banning the Confederate Flag

Written by Al. Posted in Politics

I posted a couple of responses on Facebook to a thread supporting Mitt Romney’s support for banning the Confederate flag.

My first response was a follows:

More deaths can be attributed to rap music then from the Confederate flag yet no one calls for a ban on rap.

Later I posted this:

A few years back there was serious talk about changing the Massachusetts state flag because some found it offensive. In the end it never happened, but the fact that it was even an issue shows that people can be offended by just about anything.

Some people find the Confederate flag offensive, others view it as part of their history and take pride in it and the things that it represents. If the Confederate flag is banned, it won’t stop at there. The floodgates will be opened to ban just about anything that someone finds offensive.

I made the case about rap because it can be demonstrated with hard numbers how many deaths it has caused. So why not ban it? Again, if we do, we’ve started down the slippery slope.

In the end the shooter did what he did because he’s an evil nut case, not because of a flag. If we eliminate the flag, what do we ban the next time there’s a shooting? I’m sure there will be something else on the checklist that people will find needs to be banned.

Freedom isn’t always easy, but it’s worth putting up with the bad because for the most part what results from it is mostly good.