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Job Interview

by Al

I had an onsite job interview today. This was a follow up to a phone interview that took place last week. After completing the phone interview I was pretty sure that I had done well and was under consideration so when they called me in for a face to face I wasn’t really all that surprised. What did surprise me is when I got there, it appeared that they had pretty much decided they would already hire me and that this second ‘interview’ was more a chance to see the place than it was additional vetting. I was also surprised that it looks like if the details can be ironed out, I’ll be starting next week.

The new place is a semi-conductor equipment company. Even though it appears to have been around for awhile, it seems that they run it more like a start-up and that the attitude is more about getting things done with little emphasis on the layers of corporate BS that seem to have infected a lot of the companies that I’ve worked for in the past. I hope this is the case. It would be really refreshing.

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