Reporting on Reporting

Page Six on the New York Post website did and article called “Here’s how much stars have donated toward Harvey relief efforts.’ Their list includes: J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans who raised $15.4 million through an online fund-raiser. Ellen Degeneres – $1 million (to Watt’s charity). Drake – $200,000 (to Watt’s charity). N.Y. Giants […]

Comment of the Week

Love this comment by PapayaSF on an article over at the Instapundit site: “The DNC’s platform of more gun control, more government, more Obamacare, more illegal aliens, more Muslim refugees, and an alliance with the cop-haters of BLM was inexplicably unpopular among many Americans in 2016, so Democrats have decided to switch to an anti-free […]