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Gina Carano fired for Speaking the Truth

by Al

I don’t know Gina Carano and I’ve never seen The Mandalorian and now never will. Ms. Carano was fired because she posted the text and image on the top of this page to her Instagram account. Apparently, Disney corporation found it offensive and used it as an excuse to get rid of her.

There was nothing offensive about her post. She was pointing out and rightfully so, that targeting a group of people and blaming them for all the worlds problems is the first step to a much darker place. She’s absolutely right about that.

Add to that, that other people; liberals that work for Disney, have also posted things that some would deem controversial but were not fired or even called out for them. It appears what they didn’t like about her is that she was a conservative with ideas and beliefs that didn’t gel with theirs.

What Disney did is a disgrace. I would urge anyone that believes in free speech and justice to have nothing to do with them. Drop the Disney Channel, boycott their movies and let their theme parks decay into barren wastelands.

Throughout my life I’ve heard liberals decry Senator Joseph McCarthy and the hearings that he held to expose the communist infiltration of Hollywood which ended up with some actors being blacklisted. Turns out they really didn’t mind his tactics so much but only that he targeted their fellow communists.

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