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A Dark Day for America

by Al

The Trojan president takes office after being voted in with a lot of help from a corrupt media, the putrid, festering swamp of the deep state and a chicken shit Supreme Court. It’s infuriating that the SJC wouldn’t even consider listening to the massive amount of evidence that was gathered showing a corrupt voting process.

Now we have a semi-senile old man in charge with a left-wing extremist waiting in the wings to take control when Joe gives up the ghost or the remainder of his tenuous grasp reality. Not good.

The dynamic-duo, with the help of the shmucks in Congress, plan to destroy all the good things that were done for the country in the last four years, while they ‘build back better.’

Expect rising energy prices, more illegal aliens, bigger budget deficits, inflation and changes to the system to make sure the left never loses control of the country again.

The attack on free speech has already started, with Trump supporters being silenced and their livelihoods taken away to both punish them and set an example for anyone that dares to challenge the people in power. The commissars of the old USSR couldn’t have done it better.

The worst part is that almost half the population seems to be on board with this. I guess that’s what happens when kids are put through an education system whose primary purpose seems to be brainwashing them into hating everything that their country was about. Add to that the promise of more free stuff for the nations parasites and you have the current disaster.

I hope I’m wrong about what’s to come but right now I suspect that I’m underestimating the damage that will be done to our county.

It was nice while it lasted.

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