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How I Spent My Day Off

by Al

I spent my morning cleaning up the mess made by our broken waste pipe. Good times. As I mentioned yesterday, we finally found a plumber that could make it to the house before Thanksgiving. He did his job and this morning I did mine.

I suited up in my best decontamination gear, grabbed the wet/drive vac, slid it into the crawlspace and climbed in behind it. Maneuvering through the massive curtains of spiderwebs, I made my way to the spill and vacuumed up the majority of the sludge. Once that was finished, I grabbed a sprayer and soaked the whole area with a mixture of bleach and water. Hopefully that will kill any nasty bacteria or fungus that might find it a good place to set up house.

When I finished up, I got the hose out, cleaned all the equipment multiple times using the remaining bleach solution, and striped down and took a hot shower with lots of soap. My skin is dry from all the scrubbing but at least I think I’m clean.

I’m hoping that this is the last time I’ll ever have to do something like that again. The plumber thought the other pipes were in good shape and said we shouldn’t have any more problems. Hopefully, he’s right.

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