Comment of the Week

Love this comment by PapayaSF on an article over at the Instapundit site: “The DNC’s platform of more gun control, more government, more Obamacare, more illegal aliens, more Muslim refugees, and an alliance with the cop-haters of BLM was inexplicably unpopular among many Americans in 2016, so Democrats have decided to switch to an anti-free […]

Kong: Skull Island

This is fun. It’s nothing more than a monster movie, but it’s a really well done monster movie. There’s a giant gorilla, really creepy dinosaur like creatures, wild natives, and lots of explosions. The special effects are good, the characters are interesting and the plot holds your interest throughout its two hour running time. It’s […]

Alien: Covenant

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. The biggest problem with Alien: Covenant, is that it’s not the movie we were promised. At the end of Prometheus, Elizabeth Shaw and the android David were on a voyage to the home world of the Engineers to meet our creators. This was a setup for a big movie with […]

Another Hike

Back to Wachusett Mountain once again for another hike.  I’m trying to get into shape and spending endless hours on the elliptical is no fun so I figured maybe hiking would be more interesting. After last weeks hike I came home, took a shower and inspected myself for ticks.  All clear.  Or so I thought. […]