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by Al

I was saddened last night to learn of the death of Jerry Pournelle.

I never met Jerry, but I was certainly influenced by him.  In the early days of computers, he wrote a column for Byte magazine and it was the first thing I would turn to when I received my issue.  He was also a science fiction writer that wrote a number excellent novels.  His collaborations with Larry Niven are some of the best sci-fi books in the business.  He also was one of the first people to have a blog on the web.  Chaos Manor (http://www.jerrypournelle.com) has been one of my go-to sites for years.  Jerry always posted thought provoking articles and user comments.

Sadly, in recent years, his output dropped off due to health reasons.  A few years back he had a stroke and a bit later his wife experienced the same thing.  Life can be cruel at times.

He had been sick for a while; always seeming to be fighting off some health issue.  Last week I was pleased to hear that he had attended DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia.  I thought it might be that things were getting a bit better for him.

His last post to his blog was on Sept 7th.  He ended it with this:

   More later I’m experiencing a wave of nausea.

   Bye for now.

Unfortunately, there was never a ‘later.’

People impact us in different ways, and although I didn’t know him personally, reading his blog was always part of my day.  But, no more.

Jerry will be missed.

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