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The Effects of Global Warming

by Al

You would think with all that global warming they keep talking about it would be a little warmer around here.  At 7 AM this morning, it’s minus two degrees Fahrenheit.  It seems like it should be a bit warmer for December 28th.  Anytime I bring this sort of thing up with a ‘believer’, they tell me ‘that’s weather, not climate.’  Maybe, but we seem to be getting an awful lot of cold weather and snow these past couple of years and at some point I would think that it becomes climate.

I also don’t understand why I should trust predictions for fifty years in the future when they can’t accurately predict what the weather is going to be two or three days from now.  Yup, I know, ‘weather not climate.’

Climate change science is based on a number of models that seem to fail again and again when put under test.  Add to this all the information that has been released about the deceitful practices of a lot of big name climate scientists and it’s hard to take them seriously.   (I won’t even mention Al Gore flying around the world on expensive private jets, preaching to the rubes about how they have to downsize and conserve to save the world.)

I guess it comes down to, do you trust your own two eyes and common sense or the word of people that are in line to make lots of money off of their apocalyptic predictions.  Luckily, most people seem to have chosen the former.

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