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by Al

On the Parents magazine website there was an article with the title, “How to Explain to Kids the Difference Between a Mob and a Protest”, which was an attempt to label the protest by Trump supporter in Washington as an insurrection while pretending that the leftist riots that have been going on for the last four years were nothing more than legitimate protests.

I responded with the following comment, which lasted about two minutes before it was taken down.

‘Give me a break. We watched as the Left, BLM and their Anitfa thugs burned down city blocks for the last four years. We watched innocent people in restaurants harassed and heckled while their attackers were being encouraged by leftist leaders. We watched people like Maxine Waters and Obama do their best to incite violence with their hateful rhetoric, and not a peep from any of you leftists. Now when some members of an “otherwise peaceful protest”, get out of hand you label a whole group as evil and try to destroy them and their ability to communicate. The left are no better then the communist Chinese and will do or say anything to achieve their cause. Shame on all of you.’

You might not agree with my comment, but there is nothing in it that incites violence or defames any individual, yet it was censored. This is what’s going on today. The ‘tolerant’ left has no room in their world for differing ideas and will make damn sure that they cannot be heard. As I write this, websites and social media platforms are being shutdown and destroyed by tech corporations because they do not subscribe to the values of the thought police. It’s a disgrace and will not stop here. I suspect the worst is yet to come.

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