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Alien: Covenant

by Al

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

The biggest problem with Alien: Covenant, is that it’s not the movie we were promised. At the end of Prometheus, Elizabeth Shaw and the android David were on a voyage to the home world of the Engineers to meet our creators. This was a setup for a big movie with deep meaning; what happens when we meet our gods. Instead, Ridley Scott copped out and gave us just another horror movie instead.

Convent follows a group of settlers on their way to colonize another planet. An accident occurs and instead of completing their mission, they divert the ship to investigate another planet that is broadcasting the John Denver song, “Take Me Home, County Roads.” How silly. You would think they would have been just a little suspicious.

When they arrive, crew members are attacked by aliens and in the process of escaping, they meet up with David (from Prometheus) who offer them a safe haven.

Along the way we learn that David, has killed Elizabeth Shaw (there goes the big concept movie), has killed the Engineers and has devoted all of his time to genetically engineering the aliens that we were introduced to in the original Aliens films. For some reason David detests humans and their creators and want’s them exterminated so that his new species can take over the Universe.

The rest of the movie involves the remaining members of the crew attempting to survive while fighting the aliens. The problem with this is that it’s been done before in the previous Alien movies. Not only has it been done before but it has been done much better. Alien: Covenant in the end is no more than a weak remake of the original.

It’s not a horrible movie, it just isn’t what it could have been. Save your money and rent it at Redbox or wait until it comes on cable.

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