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Some Times You Just Get Lucky

by Al

UPS delivered a Sigma 150-600mm lens for my camera today. I decided to test it out by going into the backyard and taking a couple of pictures of a tree or the neighbors house. As luck would have it a hawk was just sitting in the middle of the hill.

The lens is huge and heavy, but not as big as a lot of lenses in it’s class. I was hand holding it for the hawk photo and had a hard time keeping it steady enough to get the hawk in focus. I took about fifteen shots and about a third of them were usable. I’m not blaming the lens, something this big really needs a tripod or mono-pod to keep it stable. Thanks to image stabilization and random chance I was able to get a decent shot.

I’m hoping to take this with me hiking since most wildlife is pretty skittish and most of my wildlife photos feature the ass end of deer and birds as they flee from me. I may need to do some serious weightlifting first if I want to be in shape enough to lug it around all day.

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