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Diversity Morons

by Al

I’ve been thinking about putting up a new antenna for my HF radio and did a Google search to see what was available in the way of masts. A hit came up for Home Depot which carried the Channel Master – Universal 25 ft. Indoor/Outdoor Telescoping Mast. Picking up a mast at Home Depot would be quick and easy so I clicked on the link and here is what I found in the description…

Person Wires

Just incredible. We’ve gotten to a point where using the term ‘guy wire’ apparently isn’t inclusive enough so we have to call them ‘person wires’ instead. I wonder what moron made this decision. These people are just frigging insane.

Next time I go to the supermarket I’m going to check out the cookie aisle and if I find they’re selling lady fingers I’m going to lodge a complaint.

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