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Be Careful What You Google

by Al

I got pulled into one of those click-bait slide shows this morning showing pictures of stars “like you’ve never seen them.” One of the pictures was of a Yvonne Craig who played Bat Girl in the 60’s television series Batman. She was quite lovely, curvy in all the right places and was wearing a bikini showing off her killer body. Being a guy, I was curious if she ever posed nude so I did a Google search. Somehow I ended up typing Yvonne De Carlo (Lily Munster from the Munster’s TV show) instead of Yvonne Craig while doing the search.

Who knew there was such a thing a Munster’s porn?

While somewhat disturbing, some of it was actually quite creative; featuring the various members of the Munster family involved in all sorts of sexual situations.

It always amazes me that no matter what you can think of, someone, somewhere will think that it’s a good candidate for a pornographic treatment. I guess it’s true when they say “it takes all kinds.”

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