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To the Left, it’s Always about Class Envy

by Al

The above graphic was a headline in an article published on the New York Times website today.  Note the subheading:

“One man is building a house so enormous, and so absurdly lavish, that it may be the ultimate symbol of our age of thirst, excess and inequality.”

They couldn’t focus on the architectural achievement, or the number of people that will be employed building this house and maintaining it after it’s built.  Instead they had to go for the class envy angle.

To the leftist crazies it’s always about jealousy; if someone has more that someone else it’s just not fair.  They don’t care if the person that has more, has more because they’ve worked harder, took bigger risks or were more careful about they way that they handled their money.  They feel the money should be redistributed and given to those that don’t have it.  Most of the time the people that are preaching this, live in expensive houses, have expensive cars and live a life style far nicer than the vast majority of the country.  Sadly, they seem unable to see their hypocrisy.

There was an article in the Boston Herald yesterday about the new tax cut, which it turns out will give just about everyone a tax break.  Of course in the comments, some leftist shrew was going on and on about how unfair it was that the rich were getting more money back than the poor.  It didn’t matter to her that the rich were already paying three times as much on every dollar that they earned than the poor.  Nope.  She was just filled with hate and revulsion for anyone that had more than what she believed was their fair share.  Maybe she should spend more time working and earning more than just stewing in her jealousy.

The leftist elites play a dangerous game with their class envy thing.  If you get enough people to believe this garbage, we could end up like Venezuela where a once wealthy county has recently introduced a ‘Rabbit Plan’, that encourages people to eat their pet rabbits as a way to work around the food shortage created by their socialist policies.

Capitalism may not be fair, but it works and gives the majority of people the best chance of living a decent life.  Socialism on the other hand is great if you want to create a lot of people that are poor but equal.

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