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The Resemblance is Uncanny

by Al

On the left is Felicity Jones playing the part of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the movie ‘On the Basis of Sex’. On the right is the real Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It’s simply amazing the resemblance!


Let’s contrast that to Christian Bale playing the part of Dick Cheney in the movie ‘Vice.’

Dick Compare

Bale is on the left, while Cheney’s on the right. Outside of the evil smirk on Bale’s face, they are amazingly similar. It just shows what a good job they can do recreating the likeness of a character when they want to.

But the two movies have very different goals. One is meant to build up a woman while the other is meant to take down a man. Hence, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is shown as a woman much more beautiful than she really is while Dick Cheney is imaged as a much eviler version of himself.

Here’s some corroboration of the message of the movies from a couple of critics.

First is from a review about ‘Vice’ from Owen Gleiberman from Variety:

Yet even when he’s playing it straight, which is most of the time, McKay treats the movie as a slightly cracked burlesque. He turns history into a rollicking circus for liberals, inviting us to revel in Dick Cheney’s Greatest Hits Of Infamy. “Vice” takes a lip-smacking vengeful glee in shining a light on all the dark things that Dick Cheney did behind the scenes, from recklessly grabbing command of the military decision-making process just moments after the first attack on 9/11 (this included Cheney’s wild order to shoot down any planes deemed suspicious) to lining up favors for his cronies in the oil industry to finding arcane “legal” ways to justify the trashing of the Geneva Convention. None of this will come as news to anyone who regularly consumes the front page of The New York Times. Nevertheless, the pop catharsis of “Vice,” to the extent that the movie provides one, is in actually seeing Dick Cheney throw his weight around, elbowing the wimpy, clueless George W. Bush (Sam Rockwell) out of the way as he effectively assumes the role of president.

Here’s what Danielle White from the Austin Chronicle thinks about Vice:

It’s another effort to solidify her sainthood. However, it’s also an easily digestible outline of Ginsburg, her career, and why her work is so important. It’s a biting piece of herstory that we need right now.

And if you read the reviews, you will find that both reviews are pretty sympathetic to the cause.

Leftist Hollywood pulls this sort of thing all the time. They build up their leftist icons while vilifying those on the right. They understand that most peoples view of history will be shaped by the entertainment that they watch and not by the facts and they do their best to mold that entertainment into something that supports their corrupt ideologies. Until those of us on the right find a way to combat this, we will always be behind.

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