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by Al

A guy going by the name of Bob posted this in response to an article over on Instapundit. I thought he hit it right on the nose and lays out the whole story for anyone that cares to be informed about how bad things are in the Federal government. Whether you’re liberal or conservative, this should concern you.

Watergate x 1000:

  1. Hillary ran a pay-for-play scheme at State, to line her pockets in exchange for access to State.
  2. The FBI covered this up.
  3. The Bengazi investigation discovered Hillary’s secret email system, used to facilitate the pay-for-play. When her emails were subpoenad Hillary and Mills and Abedin deleted over 30,000 emails using “Bleach Bit.” When questioned about her secret harddrives being wiped, she looked at America and said, with a wry smile, “You mean like wiped with a cloth?”
  4. Comey’s FBI gave immunity agreements to all of Hillary’s cohorts, protecting them from criminal liability. Comey allowed them to destroy cellphones, harddrives, and anything else they wanted.
  5. Comey’s FBI pre-wrote Hillary’s exoneration letter. Strock wrote the draft that replaced “recklessness” with “carelessness”… allowing Comey to claim her actions with the email system didn’t violate federal law.
  6. Hillary was interviewed by Comey’s FBI, not under oath, not recorded, and with her cohorts present — all in blatant violation of FBI protocols.
  7. AG Lynch met with Bill Clinton in a secret meeting in Lynch’s plane … to discuss (they say) grandchildren. Lynch later expressed “regret” over this meeting. The FBI tried to track down who leaked news of the meeting, clearly in a panic that it was discovered.
  8. In July of 2016 Comey gave his Hillary exoneration speech, saying that “no reasonable prosecutor” would charge her … despite a mountain of evidence. We later learn that Comey, Strock, McCabe, Page, and the high eschelon of the FBI HATED Trump, and they expressed that they were going to do everything they could to stop him from being president.
  9. In Aug of 2016 the FBI began its Russia investigation, using FISA warrants based on the Clinton Steele Dossier. FBI agents, including Comey and Rosenstein, signed off on the veracity of these applications, knowing that the info came from the Hillary camp. This info was not told to the FISA court.
  10. Trump is elected. Obama’s AG and FBI then set about to frame Trump with a “Russian collusion” narrative, which has lasted until this day.
  11. In mid 2017 Trump fires Comey. Rosenstein asks Trump to appoint Comey buddy Mueller to be head of the FBI — Trump refuses. The very next day Rosenstein appoints Mueller as special prosecutor to “investigate” Trump.

The level of treachery by the highest officials in our nation is simply astounding. These crooks did all they could to protect Hillary, and frame Trump. They all should be hanging by their necks for all to see. But they are stiil free, still running the same scam.

Again … Watergate x 1000. Where is the justice?…

Trust these agencies? Uh .no. They just tried, and are still trying, to enact a coup along with their Dem/Media partners.

Hangings. Public hangings….

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